Paleo Diet for Athletes

Best Paleo Diet for Athletes 

The diet elminates the grains which they consider cheap food with little nutritional value. Carbs are still in the diet but most come from fruits and vegetable. The diet replaces grains with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetable to choose from. Some athletes that have tried the diet found it has increased their energy and training capacity after a few weeks.

The Paleo Diet for Athletes uses canola oil, walnut and olive for fat. The diet is geared to endurance athletes that run, bike, or participate in other sports indoors or out.

Body builders and athletes will find this diet satisfying for generating energy and building strength. It builds muscles which is an important part of many sports. Overall a few minor changes will give an athlete consistent energy and a diet that was as healthy as the caveman.

Paleo Diet for Athletes

The Paleo Diet for Athletes is based on eating the way we did 2.5 million years ago. The diet during this period included lean meats, low fat, and plenty of fruit and vegetables. Man did not eat any wheat, corn or rice during that time.

That means that our body is not designed to process these foods. Dr. Eaton who is a radiologist and Cordain an exercise physiologist are the founders of this diet. Modern grains were not around until about 10,000 years ago.

This diet knows that athletes need more carbohydrates for endurance. 

The fuel they burns needs to be replaced after exercise. This is what one aspect of what the diet does. Some of the foods eaten are fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meats, nuts, seeds and oils. The diet has a cookbook that lists recipes to help keep athletes on track. The Paleo Diet for Athletes is based on scientific research and physiology. It eliminates food like grains, dairy and beans. It does not really suit the diet needs of everyone or the general public. It is high in protein and low in carbs.

Using the Paleo Diet for Athletes the dieter get about 50 percent of the calories from meat. Many run about 10 miles or more every day. The diet uses only lean meats, fish and poultry. Cordain is a former marathon runner who heard about the diet when he read an article from The New England Journal of Medicine. The Paleo Diet for Athletes gives the athlete more Vitamin C, fiber, calcium and essential fatty acids than other diets. It even contained less salt, sugar and fat too. Hunters did not die from diseases but infectons, viruses, and trauma.