Paleo Noodle Recipe

The Paleo Noodle Recipe are the abbreviation of paleolithic diet. Popularly it is known as caveman diet and hunter gatherer diet as well as stone age diet but it is a modern diet with full of nutrition. The paleo recipes are wild plants and animal- based presumed diet plan of ancient age which were consumed during Paleolithic period that was the period started from about 205 million years ago and ended just before ten thousand years before when the fully developed agriculture came into being. In common terms, the paleo recipes are referred to as ancestral human diet and this is consisted of fish, meat of animals raised on grass, vegetables, fruits, legumes, roots, nuts, dairy products, salts, refined sugar as well as processed oils.
Paleo Noodle Recipe

Paleo Noodle Recipe: its popularity-

It was popularize primarily during middle of 1970s and the first person whom it owes its reincarnation was named as Walter L. Voegtlin whose concept of nutrition was adopted by several writers and researchers in their journals as well as in books written by them. These paleo recipes are based on the assumption that modern humans are having genetic adaption to the eating plans of their ancestors. It is true that since the start of agriculture, the modern genetics related to human do not changed and so that the diet as well as paleo recipes which are ideal for them are traditional diets of ancient people.

The different kinds of paleo recipes-

We welcome you in this section of paleo recipes and diets. These recipes are easy to cook and are equally delicious which satisfy your taste buds too. The most important thing is that paleo recipes are as simple or as sophisticated as one love to have. The simple thing is that put a piece of meat in the oven or pan and then serve it with roasted or steamed vegetable.  A big spoon of ghee or coconut oil should be added to it.

On the other hand if you love to impressed your guests and at the same time wish to create something special for them, there are so many paleo recipes which can be cooked for them such as soups, salads, omelettes, sauces, curries and roasts. For making them, you can use herbs and spices like dill, garlic, basil and ginger and it would help you to make delicious vinaigrettes and marinades.
Some of the cooking techniques used by our mothers and grad mother are now not existed and it would be difficult to replicate them. But if you try to relive them and become master, you could be master in making the home cooked food very enjoyable. There are many examples for it like mayonnaise, salsa, homemade stock, lacto fermenting vegetables and whole fish. There are some paleo recipes that are recreation and adoption of some of the food staples. These are shepperd’s pie or pizza and spaghetti.
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In a nut shell, there are a number of paleo recipes which could enhance the enjoyment as well as the tastes of food and these are as Paleo Easter menu,Steaks with mushrooms with red wine etc.